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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
– Lao Zhi, Dao De Jing

The right bank of Bordeaux offers some of the most approachable wines that are value for money.

The Blaye appellation – known amongst the locals – has long been a favourite staple of the French market as many family-owned wineries operating have not actively sought to export and therefore not gained the kind of reputation enjoyed by their left bank cousins.

The Carreau family, whom we work closely with is one of them. Here’s their story

Antoine Carreau bought Chateau Barbe in 1852 and the family have been making wine since. The name Bayle Carreau comes from a marriage between Claude Carreau and Jeanne-Marie Bayle. The Bayle family started their wine business with the purchase of Chateau La Carrelle in 1910.

The family have grown their business acquiring several Chateaus through the years and now produces close to a million bottles per year from several Chateaus and production units in Blaye and Cote Du Bourg.


China is the key market that has been developing aggressively for the last 12 years.

While Bordeaux has been a dominant “brand’ in the market, the aggressive drive has seen the switch to many other origins including New World wines with varying results.

Our effort is to carve out a market share for better quality, mid-priced wines that are approaching premium quality.

Vietnam is a rising star economy in South East Asia with a relatively young population.
Again the consumption of wines is growing and the lighter palate of Vietnamese food is the perfect match for wines.

Singapore is the centre for all trade in South East Asia and not surprisingly the island dominates in wine imports serving its role as a distribution centre in South East Asia.
The sophisticated local market demands quality especially among consumers who tend to be professionals and we aim to service this market through strategic tie-ups with F&B outlets as well as direct sales via events.

We are looking to expand to the other regional markets which we are sure will provide challenges and we look forward to work with partners who are interested to work with us.


We have observed a “thirst” for knowledge for wines and therefore we have put together a simple Q&A section for those eager to start but don’t know-how, and also for those with burning questions.​

This addresses those who are:

Confused as hell in a wine shop

Embarrassed when tasked with wine selection in a restaurant

Everybody else who is simply curious about how a grape can make one of the best drinks known to mankind!

Take your first steps to become a wine aficionado!


We have run a series of events in both China and Vietnam and believe this is the most authentic way to present the wines.

We will be continuing this as when it suits and will announce these through the website and personal invitations 

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