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Image by Katie Harp

Château Barbé




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Image by Katie Harp
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Chateau Barbe is where the current owner Xavier Carreau resides. Purchased in 1852 by his ancestor Antoine Carreau, the Chateau, in the Blaye appelation, sits on a sun-exposed plateau giving it incredible exposure and its powerful nose and long aftertaste. This merlot blend has been selected by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LBCO) several times in its tender which is based on VALUE – quality and price.

Historical Fun Fact (from the owner himself!)

Here is the story about the origin of the name Chateau Barbé.

Actually, the name comes from the fact that this estate property belonged to Mr Barbé in the XVIII century, a major of the Citadel of Blaye ( and a controller of the banks of the Dordogne. After the French Revolution, the actual Chateau was built at this place by the family DUPEYRAT who stayed there almost during a century. At the end of the XIX century, the vineyards were devastated by phylloxera and sold to CARREAU’s family.




With a beautiful deep ruby-red color, Château Barbe has a fine nose of ripe fruit with overtones of liquorice and methol. It is both powerful and velvety on the palate with a long aftertaste




A regular medal winner at wine competitions, it has a strong personality and a very good ageing potential. Younger vintages of Chateau Barbe pair well with game whereas older vintages shine with red meat, pork and cheeses. This wine is also surprisingly good with chocolate desserts



 Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux

Surface /Density :

28 hectares/ 6.500 feet /hectare


Production / Yield

 1400 hectoliter on average ,  50 and 55 hl/ha

Grape varieties :

 75%  Merlot

 15% Cabemet Sauvignon

 10% Malbec

Type of soil

Clayey-calcareous over subsoil clayey and story


Traditional with fermentation time during 3 to 4 weeks checking of temperatures during fermentation hot maceration at the end of the fermentation process.



6 months in tanks, then 12 to 14 months ageing in oak barrels before bottling.



80% general public customers from Normandy, visited for the last  5 generations

15% Bordeaux wine merchants

5% export

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Chateau Barbé Blaye-Côtes de Bordeaux :

(selected by LCBO, Canadian monopoly)

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Château Barbé 2010 :Golde Medal - Concours de  Bordeaux 2011

Château Barbé 2011 : Bronze Medal- Concours de  Paris 2013

Château Barbé 2012 : Silver Medal- ELLE A Table 2015

                                   Bronze Medal - Concours de  Bordeaux 2014

                                   Mention Vin Reussi-Guide Hachette 2016

                                   90 points /100 – Wine Enthusiast 2015


Château Barbé 2013 :Silver Medal - Concours de  Paris 2015

                                  Silver Medal - Concours de Mâcon 2015


Château Barbé 2014 :92 points /100- Wine Enthusiast 2016

Château Barbé 2015 :Bronze Medal- Concours de Bordeaux 2016

                                  90 points /100 - WE 2018

Château Barbé 2016 :Silver Medal - Concours de Mâcon 2018

                                  90 points  /100-   Wine Enthusiast 2019


Image by Katie Harp
  • Macon 2018 – Bronze

  • Prix d’excellence (Silver) – Vinalies Nationales 2018

  • Silver – Bordeaux 2017

  • Gold –Feminalise 2017

  • Bronze – Macon 2016

  • Bronze – Feminalise Beaune 2015

  • Prix d’ excellend (Silver) – Vinalies Nationales 2015

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