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Image by Katie Harp

Château La Carelle



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Image by Katie Harp
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Château La Carelle

Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux


Historical Fun Facts
Chateau La Carelle dates several centuries and its name refers to a “Carelle” which is the area a wine worker can cover working for an hour equivalent in today’s terms as 3.33 hectares. This complex aromatic Blaye is a merlot blend that is made with great finesse. Its light tannins makes it suitable for all palates and is particular favourite in Asia. Good on its own, in our views, to wind down after a long day of work! 


Reflecting its soil,  Château La  Carelle is a smooth and harmonious wine.  It has lovely blackcurrant and raspberry overtones on  the bouquet and an attractive,  light tannic structure on the palate.


Well-balanced and sophisticated, Château La Carel le marries well with white meat,    fish and delicate cheeses. Subtle  and  feminine, this wine is easy  to  relate to and  is surprisingly good  either  on  its own or with  everyday food



Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux


Surface  / Density

34 hectares / 5 500 vine-plants/ha

• Red   : 27 hectares

• White : 7 hectares


Type of soil

Clayey-calcareous over subsoil clayey and stony


Production / Yield

1200 hectoliter on average

50 and 55 hl/ha


Grape  varieties

• 60 % :  Merlot

• 30 % : Cabernet Sauvignon

• 10 % :  Malbec



Traditional with fermentation time during 3 to 4 weeks checking of temperature during fermentation hot maceration at the end of the fermentation process.



6 months in tanks, then 12 to 14 months ageing in oak barrels before bottling.



• 80 % general public customers from Normandy, visited for the last 5 generations

• 15 % Bordeaux wine merchants

•  5 % export

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Chateau La Carelle  Blaye-Côtes de Bordeaux :

(selected by LCBO, Canadian monopoly)

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Château La Carelle 2011 : Silver Medal - Concours de Bordeaux 2012               

Château La Carelle 2012 : Mention Vin réussi -Guide  Hachette 2016 

Château La Carelle 2013 : Gold Medal :Mâcon 2015

Château La Carelle 2014 : 88/100- Decanter 2017

                                         Silver Medal- Féminalise 2016

Château La Carelle 2016 :1 star -Guide Hachette 2019

                                         Bronze Medal : Concours de Paris 2018

                                         Golde Medal-Féminalise 2018

                                         90 points/100 WE 2019


Image by Katie Harp
  • Macon 2018 – Bronze

  • Prix d’excellence (Silver) – Vinalies Nationales 2018

  • Silver – Bordeaux 2017

  • Gold –Feminalise 2017

  • Bronze – Macon 2016

  • Bronze – Feminalise Beaune 2015

  • Prix d’ excellend (Silver) – Vinalies Nationales 2015

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