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Image by Katie Harp

Bayle Carreau




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Overlooking the Gironde estuary, the Blaye vineyard has an amazingly rich and varied terroir. The undulating countryside inland contrasts with the almost marine aspect of the estuary shore. Half-river, half-sea, the Gironde has had a pervasive influence on the region’s history. Nowadays, most of our vines are grown on the slopes along the estuary, though there are also vineyards on the plain and on high plateaus. Being mostly planted on these hillsides, the vines enjoy ideal exposure, guaranteeing a healthy and fully ripe crop.

240 days of sunshine a year on average and the many geological movements of the past give each of the terroirs of the three districts that make up our appellation their own distinctive character.

The soil around Blaye itself is mainly clay-limestone, formed from successive layers of sediments laid down the ocean millions of years ago.

A rich terroir particularly well suited to Cabernet Franc and Malbec. It also brings out fruit characteristics of Merlot, the predominant variety of Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux.

The Greeks and then the Romans, settling in the region, were the first to discover its suitability for winegrowing and to start trading in wine.

Vines were planted around Blaye well before they reached the Médoc, even though it is so close.
The reputation of Blaye wines soon reached Rome. Vineyards sprang up along the estuary shore, their owners taking advantage of an expanding and thriving overseas trade.

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BC simply means Bayle Carreau and it represents the best of what we have to offer.

Made from a selection of grapes, this Blaye merlot blend can only be produced in good vintages where it is possible to harvest the best grapes Blaye has to offer.

We represent this wine, no with a picture of a chateau but the winemakers and the grapes! Aged in new oak barrels, this complex wine has great depth and is best enjoyed slowly as the wine evolves as you go through the bottle. Excellent aging potential of this wine makes it a good choice for special occasions or as a gift!


This deep red wine, very elegant with great aging potential, offers a delicately woody nose



With a great richness of tanners, and with great finesse and roundness, BC DE BAYLE CARREAU can be tasted in its youth, accompanied by spiced dried meat, and strong cheese

With great potential, it will delight the most delicate of palates. It will pair wonderfully with red meat, game, and cheese.


Appellation :


Surface /Density :

2.5 hectares/ 6.500 feet /hectare


Production / Yield

125 hectoliters on average between 45-49 hl/ha

Grape varieties  

50% : Merlot,

50% Cabernet Sauvignon

Type of soil

Clay limestone with a stone and clay subsoil


 Traditional with vatting between 3 to 4 weeks, contolled fermentation temperatures and final maceration


 12 months in new oak barrels


Image by Katie Harp
  • BC de Bayle Carreau 2015 :

  • Gold Medal-Concours de  Bordeaux 2017

  • Trophée Coup de Cœur-Festival des Vins de Bordeaux

  • et d'Aquitaine de Wuhan

  • BC de Bayle Carreau 2016 : Gold Medal-Concours de Bordeaux 2018

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